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Last Modified: January 28, 2020


If you use Elementor PRO, everything is much simpler. This functionality was created only for people who use the free version of Elementor, because in PRO version functionality to create archive templates is already available by default. You can find out how to do this here.

Archive Type Templates are sets of sections, widgets and media content that will be displayed on the pages of archives, that is, on such pages that display some specific information based on any query, for example, these can be pages of categories, tags, search results or page 404.

You can find them by going to your Template Library and selecting the Archive template type.

In Theme Options > Archive tab, you can choose standard archive templates for different types of archive pages, for example, you can choose Tag Template Style 1 for pages that display posts by tags. Or create your own archive page template and select it as a standard one.