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Last Modified: January 28, 2020

You can display a subscribe form in two different ways:

  • Use the Mailchimp Sign-Up Form widget. Just drag it to any available place.

  • (More preferred method) Use the Shortcode widget, just insert the shortcode of your subscribe form into it and drag it to any available place.

You can find the shortcode of your form by going to MC4WP > Form

To set the style of the form, go to the Advanced tab, find the custom class input field there, and enter one of the following classes there:

  • mailchimp-form-type-1
  • mailchimp-form-type-2
  • mailchimp-form-type-3
  • mailchimp-form-type-4
  • mailchimp-form-type-5
  • mailchimp-form-type-6
  • mailchimp-form-type-7


You can find the subscribe forms demo page in the following page: