Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme

  • 89 Articles
  • Current Version: 1.6.3

Last Modified: October 11, 2021

General Tab is used to change settings that globally affect the entire site.


  • RTL – this setting is designed to change the direction of the content, by default the entire site is rendered in LTR (Left-To-Right), but you can change this to RTL (Right-To-Left);
  • Total AJAXify – this setting enables a unique full dynamic mode. This means that most of the main elements of the site (grids, sub-menus, widgets etc) will be loaded dynamically AFTER the website is fully loaded, this significantly speeds up the website (by more than 25%), but some users may not like the abundance of lazy-loading elements. Note: not suitable for users with poor internet connection;
  • Default Color Scheme – defines a standard color scheme for the entire website;
  • Scroll Top Button – enables scroll-top-button at the end of the page;
  • Following Cursor – enables a modern following-cursor that changes when you hover over different website elements.
  • Fixed Social List – enables sticky vertical fixed social list;
  • Page Progress Bar – enables sticky vertical page progress bar;
  • Page Preloader – enables preloader that is visible for the first 300 ms of page load;